What Was March

March marks the beginning of Aries birthday season - wahoo! I love the delicate transition as the clouds break only now and then for bright sun, but the farmer's markets start filling out with why-we-live-here-and-put-up-with-ridiculous-rent Bay Area goodness (this week, for instance, high points are rainbow chard, meyer lemons, calendula, jumbo asparagus and duck eggs) as a little pre-show for the all-out bonanza that is Northern California summer. The almond trees on my street swell with white and pink flowers and then will suddenly release them, decorating the sidewalks and filling the gutters with petal snow-cover. This glamorous event coincides annually with my birthday, my wife's birthday the following day, and all kinds of cake eating, lemon curd, excuses for fun cocktails, and inspiring playlists.

And yet. I'm always playing catch up, and feeling out of sync with what seems like should be grace and leisure in the spring. March-April are also fraught with scrambling to afford and book summer camps, spring cleaning, expanding to-do lists for summer fun (like, the camping gear that is woefully unorganized, and the garage.... let's just close the door and pretend it isn't there) and more than anything, nail-biting in the lead up to tax time. Money. Construct. Details. Always funking up my flow. 

I'm trying to harness the anxiety and be productive though. My Taasky app overfloweth and I'm keeping an eye to late summer travel abroad and an exciting project launch at work to carry me through. Balance. It's impossible, but Aries #perfectionists feel me here: something shiny on the horizon sure helps. 

Places I'd recommend you sock a few dollars away this month:

Girls Inc

Unicef for Somalia Famine Relief

Music that's getting me through currently:

The Tamia-Fabolous "Into You" Remake

Lion Babe (seriously - where have these guys been my whole life)

Vacation Prep Playlist

Books I'm reading:

Humboldt: Life on America's Marijuana Frontier | Emily Brady

Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power | Rachel Maddow

No Disrespect | Sister Souljah

Amy Cray