"Joni, Fiona, Ani, Ricki, Toni, Sarah - all those tell-it-like-it-is sisters have worked their way into Amy Cray's consciousness... Versatile, conversational, sincere and emotionally bare lyrics over a stark piano." 

Amy Cray is a composer, songwriter, vocalist, pianist, and recovering record label owner. Her music, which has been best described as "sung, sunlit poetry," and poorly described as "just like Jethro Tull," has been heard on college and public radio stations across the country, and in countless living room house concerts and cafes, over the humming sounds of espresso machines, hissing of milk steamers, and groaning of baristas inundated with free refill requests from fellow poverty-stricken musicians who drop four pennies into the tip jar. Once fresh on the San Francisco songwriter scene and full of riot grrrl spirit, she self-produced and released a well-loved solo album called Assume Nothing (which occasionally still sells on Amazon for $150 because people confuse her with Amy RAY of the Indigo Girls). She founded a popular songwriter series called Folkfly, which featured top Bay Area songwriters in rotating underground venues throughout the city, and published a local music zine called IndieFly. Then followed a long, predictable stretch of marriage, kids, career, and responsible choices about mattress investments and life insurance. Now free from the trappings of 3am bottle feedings and the what-does-it-all-mean panic attacks of a young adult, she is writing music again, albeit without the punk magenta hair and multiple facial piercings (sadly).

There's a new solo record in the works, possibly some strategic touring/house concerts, lots of live banter and special guest sit-ins coming soon to a stage near you.